Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church


Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church


 Service: Sundays @ 4pm
1801 Oak Avenue, Davis, CA 95616

A small, new church in a global, ancient spiritual tradition

Discovering the rich treasures of historic Christian faith and practice in the context of a small and caring community. We are learning together to let the presence and worship of Christ shape both our thinking and our affections.


Origins beginning October 2nd!

Faith and Science: Have you ever doubted faith because of science? This fall we are delving into the compatibility of science and the bible through a discussion series based on the book Origins, written by physics professors, Deborah B. Haarsma and Loren D Haarsma. We will watch a very short film clip to introduce the topic, and then we will discuss! No reading beforehand is necessary, but the book will be an informative supplement to our conversations. Join us at 5:30pm on Sundays in the fellowship hall. For more information: http://origins.faithaliveresources.org/

If you are interested in buying the book, Origins is available through the Avid Reader: http://www.avidreaderbooks.com/search/site/origins

Caring for Kids Run: Join CtR Run/Walk team on October 29th at 9:00am in Elk Grove! There is a $500 reward to the church with the most registered participants. There are 5k and 10k race events and a Kids Fun Run, organized by X-Hope Missions, a local non-profit. X-Hope's specific focus is to shine a light on community groups that focus on "at-risk" youth, foster care and adoptive services within the Greater Sacramento region and to provide needed resources, programs and support for children throughout our community and abroad. www.caringforkidsrun.com